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The "plate" in printmaking is both a plate as a material and an edition as an act of publication. Both of these meanings make a print a print. Although a printmaker is not only a painter but also an engraver and a printer, it is difficult to say that he is aware of his entire production as an act of publication. The printmaker's own press name as a publisher and the publication of his/her own work as a publication or production of the printmaker's own press would demonstrate the uniqueness of printmaking and the independence of the printmaker as a publisher. 8 printmakers and a unit of printmakers together, "Nine Presses" will share this theme in this exhibition.
Hitoshi KARASAWA(representative of 9 PRESSES)
I published a work that simulated a desk as a book.And the work is consist of 12 chapters including intaglio and monotype works.Your imagination may create a story with them.
Toshinori TANUMA

版画家が版元としてみずからのプレス名を掲げ、自作をその版元による出版物、または制作物として発表することで、版画ならではの独自性と、版画家の出版人としての独立性を示すことができるのではないだろうか。8人の版画家と一つのユニットによる版元、あわせて「NINE PRESSES」が本展でそのテーマを共有する。
柄澤 齊