Spiral Garden

A group exhibition of seven artists will be held at Spiral Garden from September 9 (Wed.), 2012. Each of the participating artists observes the times in which they are living from a unique angle, captures their body temperature and skin sensations, and presents them as works of art. These include Atsuko Yamashita, who translates her own inner world into a story; Sayuri Tsuboyama, who explores the relationship between nature and humans; Toshinori Tanuma and Ryo Nishimura, who see life, including humans, in a circular world; Ziyu Oh, who tries to get close to life itself; and Taro Maruyama, who sculpts the world as it is, in its chaotic state. Although the compositions of these artists differ in their viewpoints, when we look at their works from a bird's eye view, we can sense the pulse of their attempts to tell a story of a world consistently faced by each person living in this time and society. The first is the "Musee de l'Oeuvre" (the "Musee de la Ville"). The ability to engage with that world narratively has many implications for those of us living today under the influence of a system based on numerical conversion of behavioral principles and emotions. The following is a list of the most popular artworks in the world. This exhibition will showcase the works of artists who are telling the stories of the world they are facing, and through these works, we will be able to experience the world, society, and the times we are living in right now. I would like to experience the experience of the thing itself.