Quo Vadis 2010 | Temperare 2023




To the exhibition ”Quo Vadis 2010|Temperare 2023”
The blotchy black, characteristic of drypoint, adrift. The title QuoVadis, which means 'Where are you going', comes from the name of a small church in Rome that I visited on a backpacking trip as a student. It was 2010, when mobile phones continued to evolve and we were beginning to enter an era where information from all over the world could be stored in our hands and everyone could become a media. Somehow, I felt the presence of human beings drifting back and forth between the boundary worlds of reality and virtuality, and I compared the shape of the blotches to people's lives, pasting layers and layers of prints on thin Japanese paper printed. Quo Vadis is a series of works completed as a graduation project, but the unprecedented disaster that hit Japan in March, just before graduation, changed the quality and weight of this title and made it a question to myself afterwards.  After completing the course, my creation environment changed, and I changed my method of expression to drawings, monotypes and oil paintings, switching from needle to pen and brush. My interest gradually shifted to the inner workings of the figure of blotchiness and its occurrence, and I began to focus on the larger phenomenon of the interconnection of life as my subject matter. This is where I came across the word “temperare”. -The etymology of both temperature and temperament can be traced back to the Latin word temperare, which means 'to mix'. We reflect the world and the world reflects us, just as we can compare the aspect of a person's mind to the seasonal sky. By breathing, walking, eating, sleeping and living, we are always mixing with the world. - (Extract from the solo exhibition 'temper', 2021)    I am confronted with images as a way of understanding the wonder of my existence in this chaotic world. So, then where are you going?

”Quo Vadis 2010|Temperare 2023”に寄せて

ドライポイント特有の、滲んだ黒が浮かんでいる。「あなたはどこへ行くのか」という意味の『QuoVadis』というタイトルは、学生時代にバックパック旅行で訪れたローマの小さな教会の名前からもらっている。携帯電話がどんどん進化をし続け、手中に世界中の情報が収まり誰もがメディアになれる時代を迎え始めていた、2010年。なんとなく、そこに現実と仮想との境界世界を行き来しながら漂う人間の存在を感じ、滲みの形を人々の生命になぞらえて、薄い和紙に刷った版画を幾重にも貼り重ねた。『Quo Vadis』は大学院の修了制作として仕上げたシリーズ作品だが、卒業を迎える直前の3月に未曾有の大災害が日本を襲い、このタイトルは質や重みを変えてその後の自分自身への問いかけともなった。